paragliding equipment




During the school lessons you will be provided of OUR equipment, so that you don't need to buy your own, until you are sure you want continue paragliding.

After the school you can get from us anything you need to fly safely.

We can give you professional suggestions about anything you would need during your flying experience




This paraglider is what you need first. The one you would first buy, is stable and forgiving wing. The latest generation paraglider has outstanding performance, is fun to fly and capable of good cross-country flights.

After being experience enough you can buy a more performing wing.

We can advice what is right for you, based on you weight and your expectations

paragliding harness

Paragliding Harnesses

It's as important to choose the right harness as glider. Most come with back protection, carabiners, speed bar attachment, reserve container, pockets and adjustment. Sizes depend on manufacture, S-M-L-XL.

In case of cold weather you can decided to get a protection for your legs

paragliding helmet

Paragliding Helmets

Should be light, strong and certified to EN966. Make sure it fits well and will not slide off your head. Open or full face, is a matter of choice. Black can be hot in the summer

paragliding reserve

Paragliding Reserve

This is your last chance when all else fails, know when and how to use it! Designed to be simple and open fast, as most deployments are at low level.

Should be repacked and checked once a year and has a life span of 10 years. We can advice abou the correct size and certification - DHV - Afnor or CEN.


Flying Instruments

When flying you would need strumentation, mostly when flying in thermal condition.

The variometer and gps and important Instruments that can help you flying safely and with better performances