manuel viocon


Pilot since 2005, he has being actively flying for more than 800 hours, all over Cyprus, Italy and Greece.

His interests are paragliding, and paramotoring, both in solo and tandem, and lately started training new students together with his instructor Christakis

He is actually flying a Ozone Delta.


paragliding harness


Pilot since 1999.He attended Freedom paragliding school in Greece.
Since 2001 participates in many international paragliding competitions in Greece.
Places where he flies usually is all over Cyprus also in Greece and Switzerland.
He is flying with Niviuk Artik 3



One the team pilots.

He helps and Christakis and Manuel during the training and the rest of the time flies paramotor in many of the Cyprus sites.

He also takes care of the paramotor engines of the company